Multi Cloud Migration

Maximise potential by migrating your data to cloud

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Migrate your data to Cloud

With our Cloud Migration strategies, migrating to Cloud Platforms as AWS is an adaptive process that changes as businesses acquire new skills, procedures, tools and capabilities. Any Workload can be moved to Cloud Computing from being on systems.

With our service you can simplify and secure transfer of your databases to AWS. By updating information to Amazon S3, you may copy your data constantly with scalability and combine databases into a Highly Scalable database system. Migration Service.

Let us help you move your data to Cloud

Organisations worldwide are grappling to find the right solution to migrate Datacentres to Cloud and that is where Xdigics Technologies AWS Cloud Migration experts can help. With a deep knowledge and vast experience of migrating workloads such as – applications, databases, storage, servers, websites, our AWS Cloud Migration experts can assist build capabilities, so businesses can make significant gains.

Xdigics Technologies experts use the best optimisation techniques and a well-managed suite of AWS Cloud Migration Services with a multi-phased approach to assess, strategize, architect, deploy and manage the process flexibly and ensure successful migration in a responsive manner. Our core objective is to deliver innovative solutions for customers. Our extensive consulting experience in AWS Cloud Migration Services allow us to develop a road map for business and help organisations move forward, faster.

Xdigics Technologies Cloud Migration Services on AWS follows an approach that allows organisations to effectively harness the capabilities of Cloud with our expert consulting

  • Discover – Our experts create a detailed discovery of the existing inventories, migration setups, documenting approaches.
  • Plan – Prepare schedules, release plans for migration of applications, databases, servers, storage and more.
  • Migrate – Deliver a truly enriching business experience with our migration experts on the job.

Xdigics Technologies experts with their rich expertise of AWS Cloud Migration Services can assist your organisation take big and swift strides into the cloud journey and stay ahead in the competition while saving cost and improving efficiencies.

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Key benefits of Migrating to Cloud

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Organisational Agility

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Increased Employee productivity

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Minimal downtime

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High Reliability

Xdigics Cloud Migration Approach

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