Cloud Native Application Modernization Services

Replace your monolithic applications with modern applications

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Better user experience with Cloud Native Applications

Application modernization techniques for existing runtime environments and updating the underlying technology Infrastructure, deploying strategy and coding architecture in order to boost programmer efficiency and overall costs. Adapting to Cloud-Native microservices and replatforming old applications on Container Runtimes are part of our Modernization Strategy.

Modernising applications provides massive improvement in development productivity. With a containerized environment, applications no longer have to rely on individual machines. Reproducing and correcting errors is much easier.

Do away with "it works on my machine" conundrum

Offering a host of flexible options to customers from the standard Lift and Shift strategies, Xdigics Technologies AWS Cloud Native App Modernisation services based out of Bangalore, offers businesses better control over Cost and Operations with our deep expertise and customised approach. Our experts provide a complete solution for AWS Cloud Native App Modernisation including discovery & assessments, building modernisation roadmap, refactorization, deployment and managed services.

Businesses globally can significantly benefit from strategical App Modernisation and move to a position of competitive advantage among peers. Highly Scalable and Architected Modernised applications are high on efficiency thereby assisting organisations experience better flexibility, moving from traditional Capex and Opex models.

Our experts at Xdigics Technologies, Bangalore employ expertise to enable application modernisation optimising them for using the best AWS Cloud Infrastructure to maximising efficiency and controlling costs

Our AWS Cloud Native App Modernisation experts assess, orchestrate and deliver advanced modernisation solutions that are completely aligned with supporting business objectives. An approach listed below but not limited to:

Cloud Native App Modernisation strategies may require a stronger working knowledge and execution expertise and our team of cloud experts are happy to help. With a plethora of experience having worked with the some of the niche customers in various verticals, Xdigics Technologies AWS Cloud Native App modernisation team is here to create and deliver solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

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Benefits of Cloud Native Applications

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Increased Agility

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Automatic Application scaling

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Faster with DevOps

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Ability to run applications on any platform

Xdigics Cloud Native Applications Approach

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